Digital Bicycle Identification

The bicycle is making a comeback! In cities across the world, the number of cyclists is increasing in response to traffic congestion, a desire for healthier lifestyles and a concern for pollution and global warning. However, major challenges relating to cyclist safety, bicycle theft, parking and abandonment still remain. Multiple solutions have been proposed and implemented to address these challenges, but they are fragmented and disconnected. A vital link is missing. That missing link is digital bicycle identification.

Enabling innovative solutions with digital identification and connectivity

DigiFyy™ provides a low-cost digital solution for uniquely identifying all bicycles. The solution allows cyclists, authorities and providers of bicycle-related products and services to access details on individual bicycles. Digital bicycle identification provides a foundation and the missing link that can connect innovative solutions to bicycle traffic management, safety, parking, theft and insurance leading to better cycling experiences.

Enabling deeper relationships and collaboration

The DigiFyy™ solution enables bicycle manufacturers to manage the production of bicycles from start to finish. It also allows manufacturers to track bicycle delivery from the factory to the cyclist enabling effective coordination with distributors and resellers. The solution allows cyclists to use their smartphones to access and share details on their bicycle with others and keep up to date with the latest offers from bicycle manufacturers.